Dutch Volkskrant Review of Song of Myself for Cappella Amsterdam

The first review from Dutch Volkskrant is in:

Auznieks' piece has several surprises. The silence becomes uncomfortable. The 24 singers of Cappella Amsterdam have been standing with their eyes closed for three minutes, as if they are meditating about what I know. The smooth waving of their guest conductor, Krista Audere from Latvia, is also frozen. A bench crunches in the Pieterskerk in Utrecht. A stomach breaks. Someone whispers the question that haunts everyone. Should we clap or not?

Rather not, because after four or five minutes, the premiere piece by the young Latvian composer Krists Auznieks (27) is back on track. He wrote Song of Myself for this theatrical concert about love letters and (especially) Baltic choral music.

The new piece by Auznieks also has a coup. Henchmen are singers from Audere's own VU Chamber Choir, which unexpectedly sound from the church. Those who want to undergo the spell will join Amsterdam or Maastricht this week. Or let the ears wash live on Thursday evening via Radio 4.